Hotel Rinconcito Verde
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Diana SeguraDiana Segura
16:58 13 Dec 23
I went for my anniversary with my husband, honestly, incredible. I didn't expect such good treatment, such beautiful views, the jacuzzi available. They let us use the jacuzzi at night watching the beautiful view. I recommend this place.
Hillary ZúñigaHillary Zúñiga
06:49 27 Nov 23
It is a beautiful little gem, friendly staff, delicious breakfast, heated pool, it rained while we were in the pool but since it had been sunny all morning, the water was still warm, it has a beautiful view and a very comfortable Jacuzzi, in general it is Very well maintained, clean and there was a lot of peace.
Anna H.Anna H.
02:53 24 Nov 23
Fantastic location, charming gardens, particularly warm service!
Dauyin MirandaDauyin Miranda
12:46 26 Oct 23
Rio FlixRio Flix
13:28 21 Sep 23
Fantastically located hotel that invites you to observe nature and offers a wonderful view of the valley from the rooms or the breakfast area. Our room was very clean and well-kept, spacious and the fan was completely sufficient due to the overall cooler environment. The pool and outdoor area were also in a very well-maintained condition. The property is secured by a gate and there are parking spaces.Overall, one of the nicest hotels we stayed in during our stay, but also in the higher segment in terms of price. The only small point of criticism was that the warm water in the shower was very difficult to regulate and you jumped from lukewarm to hot with just the slightest change in the lever.
David LonckeDavid Loncke
03:17 14 Aug 23
Our one-night escape to El Rinconcito Verde, accompanied by our nieces and nephews, painted a canvas of delightful experiences. Let's delve into the details of our memorable stay.As we stepped into our rooms, convenience and spotlessness greeted us. The beds offered the restful slumber we needed, while the thoughtful provision of a coffee and tea setup added an extra layer of comfort. The in-room safe contributed to our peace of mind. An intriguing side note was the doors, which had their own rhythm of opening and closing, and the lock's unique mechanics lent an element of charm.Yet, the real star of El Rinconcito Verde's show was the expansive garden expanse. With views stretching across the valley to the majestic mountains, the panorama was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Wandering through this verdant sanctuary offered a calming respite that elevated the overall charm of our stay.Now, onto breakfast—a cornerstone of every memorable stay. Our expectations were exceeded. Complimentary in our package, the breakfast spread was substantial and satisfying, equipping us with energy to launch into our day.The personnel at El Rinconcito Verde were not only warm and welcoming but also professionally attuned to our needs. Their attentive service contributed to the wholesome ambiance of the place. And let's not overlook the delightful inclusion of a swimming pool—a cool haven that provided respite from the day's warmth.However, what truly set El Rinconcito Verde apart was the hidden treasure of a jacuzzi—inviting relaxation with a view. Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring scenery of the valley and mountains, the jacuzzi offered a memorable way to unwind.In sum, our stay at El Rinconcito Verde was a comprehensive retreat that covered all bases. Despite the playful door dynamics, the cozy rooms, captivating garden panoramas, satisfying breakfast, refreshing pool, and the added allure of the jacuzzi with its panoramic view, all combined for a remarkable experience. With amiable staff and a range of amenities, El Rinconcito Verde stands as a choice worth considering for those who seek relaxation enveloped in natural beauty.
Su SareenSu Sareen
14:11 03 Mar 23
A delightful small, family run hotel. Our room was light a d very comfortable with all the amenities you could wish for. The welcome was very warm, the setting lovely, the pool comfortably warm and the gardens lush with terrific views... We'd have been happy to stay longer. Breakfast was included but no other meals served.
valentina bragonivalentina bragoni
02:17 19 Feb 23
We found the hotel very nice, and with all comforts available.The personnel is very kind and help you kindly with everything you need.Room: big, nice and comfortable. In each room there are 2 beds, big toilet with bath tube, utensils in the room and a small patio.Common areas: there is a pool and a hot tube, they give you towels and the place is really nice.There aren’t much restaurants around, but they have a partnership with a couple of places, the owner orders dinner for you and deliver it to your room. I found this a very nice service
06:56 06 Aug 22
The garden is beautiful. The view from terrace to mountains, while having original Costa Rican breakfast there, was just sensational. Our room was clean and the owner very polite and friendly. We definitely can recommend a stay there!
Mark RuleMark Rule
20:38 17 Apr 21
The nicest staff! Beautiful valley view. Very clean, comfortable rooms with a well maintained property and pool. Delicious breakfast and coffee to start the day. We couldn't have been happier here. Looking forward to another stay!